About Di Patterson

Di Patterson, MSG, CPG, is a noted Gerontologist, featured speaker at Aging events, popular workshop leader, prolific writer and author. She created Success in Aging TV® and is a pioneer in utilizing technology for promoting success in aging. She won the 2008 National Mature Media GOLD Award for TV show, Policy Makers Speak, and , 2009, 2010 and 2011  Awards in New Products and Technologies for her websites:  SuccessInAging.tv and SeasonOfLife.net .

“I have blended my Aging education, a Master’s degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, with many other pursuits: media, music publishing, R.C.F.E. administration, professional organizing, and support services in pharmacy and California probate, conservatorship and trust law. I developed Let’s Move Mom®: Custom Elder Moving Plans in 2002 as a result of my years of in-home eldercaregiving for both my wonderful grandmother and amazing mother-in-law.”

Ms. Patterson is Co-founder and President of the Gerontologists’ networking non-profit: The Let’s Group®: Consulting and Consortium of Professional Gerontologists, a provider of continuing education for NAPG: the National Association for Professional Gerontologists.  Di believes that every company in America needs a Gerontologist on-staff or on-retainer! Among other volunteer and advisory positions, she is an Advisory Board Member of NAPG and an Ambassador for the Orange County Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She is a proud member of GSA: the Gerontological Society of America and CCGG: the California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics.

As a Practitioner, Di advises families with elders in the biology, psychology, sociology, ethics and lifespan development aspects of Aging. Offering expertise in both large and small family dynamics in a myriad of topics relevant to today’s elders and eldercare, she truly understands the needs of active and frail elderly, professionally and experientially. Through Let’s Move Mom, Di offers custom elder-moving plans for a smooth, successful move for families’ older loved ones.

As an Aging Marketplace Consultant, Di Patterson offers her clients sound business strategies for the senior market; based on timing, trends, and demand for their products and services. She educates managers on today’s seniors and the upcoming boomer-to-senior demographics. Di focuses company leaders on development and implementation of project mission, vision, and goals. She develops customized marketing plans, with traditional and web options. Very importantly in today’s business culture, Di provides introductions and networking opportunities in the Aging network.

Di blogs at AgeWise.tv, CaliforniaWomensConference.com and BullyPulpit.com, is a featured speaker at SpeakTank.com, and is a contributing expert as Gerontologist at SuccessInAging.tv, SeniorFamilyNetwork.com, and SmartWomensCafe.com. Her book: LIFE, CAMERA, ACTION! is available at GeroInk.com. Di’s social media and articles can be accessed at DiPatterson.com.

If good real estate is all about location-location-location, then success in aging is all about attitude-attitude-attitude!” Di Patterson, MSG, CPG di@dipatterson.com


The Names of Age and Ageism

They started with the respectful senior citizens and retirees, moved to mature individuals and had no problem with the generic, the old. Not all that problematic. I threw down the gauntlet that I wanted reality… Read more →

OLD is Good

It was football’s “Final Four”, January, 2010, the football weekend that is second only, in my opinion, to Superbowl Sunday. Eight teams from all over the nation were fighting for the chance for one more week. Out of eight teams, every football fan is bound to a find a favorite. Next week, half of us would have hard feelings. This weekend, it was all football. Read more →

Dealing with Dementia in Your Home

©Di Patterson, MSG, CPG

Dealing with dementia in your home can be the single most frustrating experience of your adult life. Depending on your view of aging, it can be bearable or intolerable. Whichever, until you can change the situation, here are some helpful, ethical tips on caring for your loved one, and importantly: yourself.

Completely stop reminding your loved one of anything. You must find a way that satisfies your ethical need to transfer information without robbing your demented loved one of his dignity. Suggestion: Frame your comment to tell him what you want. If you frame your request as a question, both of you will become frustrated, impatient and resentful. Makes for a lousy relationship, and since this is an earlier vs. later stage of loss, make these the “good old days”. This plays off the famous Alzheimer’s Association’s phrase: “Dementia always wins.” Their advice: “Never fight with it, bargain with it, or argue with it…dementia ALWAYS wins.”  You will truly win when you communicate in this new way. Read more →

How to age well

1. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

When you practice loving yourself enough to take good care of you, you will do the things necessary to become happier and healthier every year of your life. You will have success in aging!

2. Get good information about everything.

For reliable wellness information, start at www.webmd.com. To combat urban legends with truth, try www.snopes.com or www.truthorfiction.com.

3. Laugh.

Laughter is a natural stress reducer. Stress oxidizes good cholesterol into bad, but laughter releases chemicals in our bodies that drive away pain and fear, two negatives usually associated with old age. Laugh often. Even better: Laugh with friends. Friendship is the flagship of positive aging! Read more →

“Most people dread growing old, but somehow, through her books, website and optimistic outlook on life, Di Patterson makes it look like fun. Don’t grow old without her.”

-Mark Joseph, Producer, Author, Contributor, Foxnews.com, The Huffington Post

“Di Patterson is a visionary for proving that aging is not to be frowned upon. She really has a passion for equipping people and encouraging them to see the joy and confidence that age can bring. Di makes aging a celebration. I am really excited for her and look forward to hearing from her at the Season of Life Conference®”. Katana Abbott, Founder of SmartWomensCafe.com

“Wow! Congratulations! I always knew your venture would be a success!!”
Connie Beran, Gerontologist/Registrar, Concordia University Texas