What IS a Gerontologist?

T3 Talks by Di Patterson, MSG, CPG

Top Ten Tips for Success In Aging

“Most people dread growing old, but somehow, through her books, website and optimistic outlook on life, Di Patterson makes it look like fun. Don’t grow old without her.”

-Mark Joseph, Producer, Author, Contributor,, The Huffington Post

“Di Patterson is a visionary for proving that aging is not to be frowned upon. She really has a passion for equipping people and encouraging them to see the joy and confidence that age can bring. Di makes aging a celebration. I am really excited for her and look forward to hearing from her at the Season of Life Conference®”. Katana Abbott, Founder of

“Wow! Congratulations! I always knew your venture would be a success!!”
Connie Beran, Gerontologist/Registrar, Concordia University Texas