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My mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire people of all ages to act now for their own Success in Aging®. As a Media Gerontologist, I’ve found creative and innovative ways to utilize education and entertainment to empower you to improve your quality of life and that of your wonderful family! Please enjoy my informative articles and videos relevant to the interests, experiences and vital issues of people ages 60+ and the people who care about them and for them!

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Success in Aging® Essentials Boxes, which are mailed directly to their recipients, help fight social isolation and offer a healthy dose of HOPE: Helping Older People Engage! I am happy to align myself with products, services and companies with a high level of integrity and the strong benefits these products and services offer to older adults, the disabled and veterans. Other positive aspects including cost-to-value, ease of access for purchase and delivery, and ethical business practices (return/replacement policies; customer service commitment, customer education on products, etc.) of awarded companies are a large part of my focus.

Enjoy Daily Videos of Hope and Encouragement to End Isolation

Season of Life® Video Programs reduces isolation as they are designed to strengthen, enlighten and equip ALL seniors and their families and caregivers with Senior Social/Recreational Day Programs accessible in subscription format on Vimeo and on closed-tablet systems.

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The ultimate mission of Season of Life® Conference, Inc. is to create richer, more purposeful and comfortable life transitions for seniors, veterans, and the disabled by educating, motivating and inspiring them and those who love and serve them by applying researched and proven Success in Aging® Principles. Season of Life® also supports those who work to better care for and understand their needs. At Season of Life®, our goal is to provide solid educational information and resources for accelerated Success in Aging® while supporting seniors, the disabled and veterans by being a beacon of HOPE: Helping Older People Engage!

Preserving dignity and independence of older adults

Locally-based/nationally-minded Success in Aging Centers® welcomes seniors needing more socialization during the day as well as those with mild physical and/or memory impairment. Success in Aging Centers® serves its older adults with mentally, physically and artistically stimulating activities run by enthusiastic and well-trained staff and Aging professionals who strive to preserve the dignity and independence of their clients as well as respite support and Aging education for caregivers and family members.

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Di wrote a book about how movies teach us life’s lessons, how to be happier and more fulfilled in a fun, informative way!

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