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As an Aging Marketplace Consultant, Di Patterson offers her clients sound business strategies for the senior market; based on timing, trends, and demand for their products and services. She educates managers on today’s seniors and the upcoming boomer-to-senior demographics. Di focuses company leaders on development and implementation of project mission, vision, and goals. She develops customized marketing plans, with traditional and web options. Very importantly in today’s business culture, Di provides introductions and networking opportunities in the Aging network.

Speaking Topics

Ms. Patterson presently speaks on the following topics:

The Bio-Soc-Psych of Aging Series

  • Biology: Understanding Your Aging Parents and Others
  • Sociology: Assessing, Adjusting, and Assisting Aging-in-Place
  • Psychology: Successful Strategies in Aging

The Ethics of Aging Series:

  • OLD is Good
  • Let’s Move Mom®: And Dad, or Uncle Harry or Sister Sue

Lifespan Development Series:

  • Aging in Your Forties and Beyond
  • Doing OLD Really Well
  • Top Ten Tips for Success in Aging®

Active Engagement with Life Series:

  • Life, Camera, ACTION! Aging wisdom found in the “New Classics” movies
  • Networking for the Third Age (55+)
  • So You Want to Keep Working: Personal Leadership and Development

Workforce/Workplace Issues:

  • Strengthening Employees: Care for the Elder-Caregiver
  • Employee Resources: Trends in the Aging Marketplace

Consulting Opportunities:

  • Family Meeting Consultation
  • Individual Consultation
  • Organizational Training
  • Speaking for your Organization or Facility

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