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Success in Aging Center® is a new model of adult day program (ADP) centers for older and much-older adults, offering supervised social and educational activities, including daily exercise, good nutrition, social interaction, special events, music, art, and guest speakers. Success in Aging Center® welcomes those with mild cognitive impairment and/or physical disabilities, as well as seniors needing more stimulation during the day. Success in Aging Center® serves its older adults with mentally, physically and artistically stimulating activities run by enthusiastic staff and well-trained Aging professionals who strive to preserve the dignity and independence of older adults, as well as support and education for their caregivers and family members.

In Success in Aging Center®, the emphasis is on person-centered care, choice and independence. Although the challenges are different, the concept is the same as child daycare centers: a warm, nurturing atmosphere in large, well-lit, clean rooms with nutritious meals and snacks and staffed by trained and caring elder-caregivers. Families can have more normalized home lives (the basis of successful families) when the older adult has a normal social day experience along with proper nutrition, a positive atmosphere, and daily exercise.

Success in Aging Center® emphasize the high quality of its RCFE-licensed staff and personal passion for the aging senior community. Gerontologist-developed programs and activities represent Success in Aging Center® as a valuable resource for the community in all facets of senior day services and education.