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It’s Fantastic to Be Recognized

First, in her selfless delivery of information to a unique customer. Who is the customer? According to Di, those who need to practice, be enriched by and live Success in Aging® principles include you, me – everyone – regardless of present adult age. In this theory, “aging” is no longer a bad word; it is an art and a science. By unraveling the stigma of these concepts, individuals are coming to know they are responsible for their aging process and are taking responsibility for it, creating a better world for everyone.

Second, in reshaping thought in Success in Aging® by redefining the basic principles as active engagement in life, aging well within one’s limitations and the ability to pro-actively participate in decision making regarding the aging process.

Third, in her effective engagement of everyday students in aging through communication channels such as Success in Aging TV®, most recent publication “Lights, Camera, Action: Everything to know about living well you can learn from the movies,” the village-like network of aging experts found in The Let's Group®: Consulting and Consortium of Professional Gerontologists and through Web content which bridges Aging information into non-traditional streams routinely visited by readers of all ages.

We Like to Frame Them

These show the outstanding effort that Di Patterson and her team implement to help our seniors age well

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