Top Ten Tips for Success In Aging

By Di Patterson, October 18, 2021

Multiracial senior women having fun together after sport workout outdoor

ONE:  Love others and love yourself enough to take care of yourself.  Success in Aging® begins and ends with LOVE. Love is the key to goodness. Practice love; it will change your life. Love yourself; and your health and attitudes will improve. You’ll become a happier older adult, and happier older adults attract others who love them!  

TWO: Get good information about everything.  Check out all wellness information with reliable sources like and the specific disease’s foundation’s website. 

THREE: Laugh.  Laughter is a natural stress-reducer. Stress oxidizes our cholesterol negatively… but laughter releases chemicals that drive away pain and fear: both associated with old age. Laugh often. Laugh with friends! Buy a laugh; rent a movie! 

FOUR:  Exercise and keep your feet in motion.  Daily exercise and daily foot health are extremely important. Mobility and balance issues are top Aging concerns. Benefits of regular exercise are: less depression; increased alertness; clearer thinking; better balance;  improved ability to handle stress; a positive mood. Remember to stretch! 

FIVE:  Feed yourself well.  Prepare or buy savory food for yourself and enjoy! Learn about antioxidants, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids; consume them everyday. You can fight internal inflammation (the healthy body’s enemy!) by eliminating food intolerances. Easy blood tests will identify your body’s intolerances at    

SIX:  Be kind to yourself and get your rest.  Rest has been shown to be vital to our bodies’ recuperative powers. Sleep enough; 7-8 hours in a dark room. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is triggered by darkness. Lack of sleep contributes to heart attacks, high blood pressure and internal inflammation. Use a good sleep mask to block light. 

SEVEN:  Floss your teeth. In 2020, researchers found a link between oral health and cognitive decline and dementia. Their recommendation: Add mouthwash (either with or without alcohol) to your Waterpik at least once a day. The time you spend in “self care” is time well-spent! Floss for a healthier older age! This simple 1-minute exercise leads to more self-awareness, which in turn, can help you catch other problems early! 

EIGHT:  Fight depression.  Depression is the #1 illness of old age. Loss is all too prevalent as we get older. Fight back! Seek grief resources at Stay connected and engaged. Volunteer. Ralph Waldo Emerson said,” Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thyself.” 

NINE:  De-clutter your space.  De-mess to de-stress! Organization of possessions and papers will cause peace and patience to fill your life. Find help at

TEN:  Worship God.  Research has shown that people who practice their faith, read religious writings and are part of a faith community have better immunities, fewer heart attacks and strokes, and happier lives. Wisdom arts flourish in older age. Enjoy wisdom’s and worship’s benefits! Give time and attention to spiritual development.

©Di Patterson, CPG: “No one WANTS to age, but EVERYONE wants to AGE WELL!”

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