What IS a Gerontologist, and Why Would You or Your Family Member Need One?

By Di Patterson, October 25, 2021

Senior Woman Talking With gerontologist In Hospice

Gerontologists are social scientists who read and write research, study social and health trends, and make recommendations for positive aging outcomes. Gerontologists diligently search out good information for the benefit of their plus-60-aged clients and the general public. We work to improve adjustments, attitudes and assistance needed for successful aging-in-place or the smooth transition to a higher level of care for our clients. 

Since Gerontologists are trained by significant study in the biology, psychology, sociology, lifespan development and ethics of aging, good Gerontologists can do the following for their aging clients and/or family members:

  1. Determine specific needs of the individual based on his/her preferences and capacities in regards to social, environmental and lifestyle changes.
  2. Promote successful aging* for the clients and their family members.
  3. Identify potentials and probabilities for aging populations based on their specific parameters.

*Successful aging, defined in 1984 by Drs. Robert L. Kahn and John W. Rowe:

  1. High physical and mental functioning;
  2. Low risk of disease and disability;
  3. An active engagement in life!

Success in aging®, as I define it, has three categories:

  1. Proaction: Actively engaging with your aging process, choosing how you want to age.
  2. Parameters: Realities of your health and your budget, and your choices within them.
  3. Preferences: Your personal tastes and lifestyles, looking toward a joyful older age. 

I am a great believer in "getting off the couch" early when it comes to positive aging. The sooner we start to prepare and plan for our own old age, the better. Whatever your age, today is a great day to begin working toward your own success in aging. And you can! 

©Di Patterson, CPG: “No one WANTS to age, but EVERYONE wants to AGE WELL!”

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